Making Dreams Come True

I meet with clients, event coordinators and wedding planners to talk about their upcoming event. Together, we brainstorm ideas; plan the designs to style that specific occasion, paying attention to detail, without compromise. I'm open to ideas and suggestions that would help make it a memorable experience for our customers! I love to create a unique celebration customized to fit your special event!

Maria Angela

Co-Founder & Event Stylist

Turning a Vision into Reality

I oversee the creative process. I help plan, build and execute the necessary structures needed for the occasion. I take care of the overall budget, sales and marketing. I work closely with other vendors, artists, designers and stylists when planning for an event. I make sure that safety and integrity are top priority.

Jay Oliver

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Why us?

Simply because it is our passion! We appreciate the hard work our customers put into saving for their big event, so we make sure our customers get what they deserve! We value our customers' opinions and ideas and we take criticism as part of our learning and growing experience. Your business is important to us--big or small, we are grateful for all our wonderful customers and amazing vendors we've worked with. We treat each event uniquely as possible, making sure that guests remembered their event the way it is meant to be--unforgettable!


The opportunity to do what we love is always a blessing!

Jay & Maria

Tec Art Ideas Hawaii